Twiddler, twit?

by Matthew Kirschenbaum



I am Twiddler Twit. A twiddler can be understood to be someone who twiddles, or rather ponders on something. The word “twit” is an antiquated slang word, often derogatory in reference to someone who identifies with a non-normative sexuality. I am a ponderer and a non-normative thinker.

This blog challenges institutions of kyriarchy, speciesism, and capitalism in order to increase discourse surrounding oppression. I think that critical theory is a lacing necessity in modern society, a society in which beings and bodies are subject to hierarchies and a lack of information flow. By pondering on societal commonalities such as food, social media, and sex, for example, I will tackle some problems I have found to be missing in mainstream discourse.

I am queer, vegan, and sassy. I reside in Berkeley, California and study critical theory in the Rhetoric department at the University of California. I hope you all will take the time to read my thoughts on society and discourse.